Feline Swim

Feline is an ethical luxury swimwear brand that consciously sources their fabrics to minimize the impact on the environment. Shannon Mclauren designed the line as an outgrowth of her love for travel, adventure, and fashion.

Feline Swim



What was going on?


The Process

I started taking some qualitative interviews to discover some insights about the users when using the website, regardless of the platform.  Using what I gathered from the research, I created user flows, the information architecture and low-fi concepts for primary use cases. After having a go-ahead from the client on the wireframes, I did some usability testing with low-fidelity mockups. Once I had confidence in the design, I let the high-fi show begin.


The checkout nightmare

The trickiest part of it all was the checkout, I had to redefine the entire experience to reduce the number of steps a customer had to take, the amount of information asked of the customers during the process, and redesign the flow between adding something to the cart and finally paying.

The impact

Redesigning Feline had an extremely positive impact on their customers since the first day it went live. Although the new site was published unfinished (the development was outsourced and we lost a bit of control there), we could see how Average Pages visits increased from 4 to 6, Session Duration doubled, and Cart Abandonment fell from 86 to 81%. That said, If you ask me I’d have been happier if it dropped below 80%. There’s always room for improvement.